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Dual Enrollment Webinar - Shared screen with gallery view
Dr. Alycia Marshall
Welcome everyone! We will be starting shortly giving a an opportunity for a few more folks to arrive
Katherine Stevenson
Will the recording be available later? I have a colleague who teaches now but who is very interested in this topic as we are working on a dual enrollment course.
Julie Hendrickson
Katherine Stevenson
Thanks Julie!
Michael Dorff
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Katherine Stevenson
Does DE include here just HS students who take classes at a CC whether or not it is formally connected to their HS?
Nicole Griggs
That was my interpretation, Katherine. Dual enrollment in high school and college, whether or nor you're getting dual credit. I think...
Katherine Stevenson
That sort of answers my question: Is this like linking AP results to post secondary success in that it may just measure that “the has, gets”?
Katherine Stevenson
However, it could just be that if someone passes college algebra in a CC then the post secondary institution is required to “honor” that as placement whereas a pre-calculus class in high school does not generally do so.
Katherine Stevenson
Did anyone look at where the dual enrollment was happening? If it is happening at the college then access will be deeply impacted by transportation and whether their parents can (and know to) support their students take these classes.
Dave Kung (he/him)
(Perfectly timed question, Kate!)
Katherine Stevenson
Katherine Stevenson
Has anyone thought about how this could also impact teachers by creating connections between college and high school instructors? How can both populations learn from one another? How does that make both stronger?
Nan Sattler (she/her)
Can you point the links in the cah\\t John so we can click
Nan Sattler (she/her)
on the links?
Katherine Stevenson
The irony is that registering for classes at the community colleges in CA is VASTLY more complicated than doing so in the UC system. That is a barrier in and of itself.
John Fink
Sure thing — here’s the link to my slides (and a few more additional resources): https://drive.google.com/file/d/143hoWPaHa_rqT3tYaJA1z4zkKeCPEmBA/view?usp=sharing
Carrie Muir
In most models, do college instructors typically know which students in a class are DE?
Nan Sattler (she/her)
Thank you John!
Naomi Castro
@katherine - thankfully many Ca CCs and HS partnerships are working to streamline this - but they still have a ways to go
Kate Stevenson
@Naomi that is great news.
Naomi Castro
Dual enrollment courses *are* college - not preparation for college 🙂
Nick Horton (he/him)
I agree with I-Heng's assessment: the dual enrollment experience is very different (in positive ways) and anecdotally does seem like it helps with their transition to full-time college.
Nick Horton (he/him)
+1 Naomi!
Kate Stevenson
We do a lot more scaffolding at the postsecondary level than most high school teachers think in my experience (working for 10+ years with HS teachers in LAUSD).
Kate Stevenson
Also, there are no miracles that occur during the summer between HS and college. What we have learned over the last 10 years is the need for support and scaffolding.
Nick Horton (he/him)
How are dual enrollments funded? In Massachusetts, several of our schools have undertaken fundraising and gotten donations to partially (or in some cases) completely defray tuition and fees for high school students. But other students (and schools) don't have this option. (This may be one reason why Massachusetts has lower % in John's slides.)
Mark Fitch
Here, the school district receives its usual per student funding and pays the university from that.
Naomi Castro
In California most dual enrollment through community college is free for the students, depending on how the partnership is structured the high school can get full ADA and the college can claim enrollment apportionment from the state