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Rob Campbell Launch Webinar: It's Personal, Not Personnel - Shared screen with speaker view
Hoop Morgan
From Wilmington, NC - Rob and I have met, looking forward to his continuing insights...
tim rhode
Hi I'm Tim from Northern California. Met Rob last year and know he has some insights worthy of learning.
Robert Ham
From Los Angeles, CA. Was a soldier in the same brigade when Rob was the Battalion commander of the 1-40 in Afghanistan in ’09. I went on a lot of missions with Rob.
tim rhode
Is the book out on Audible Rob?
Carlos Halcomb
thanks for the answer - Cowboy 6
Andrew Geppert
As a machining instructor, I see many of my students both overwhelmed by the speed of tech changes and the de-skilling pressures brought by so-called aartificial intelligence. The attitude is kind of, "What do you need me for?" I wonder if you saw any of this in the military.
Carlos Halcomb