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The Comma Club - Shared screen with speaker view
Dan Christante
hi its dan from toronto
Seth Trujillo
Hello! Mary from El Paso TX! So excited!
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker
Hello Y’all from Virginia Beach - Liz
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker
this is SO inspiring, especially since we have met these panelists and its believable! Liz, Virginia Beach
Linda Zyla
What if this is the answer to my prayer? I started part-time, put in some effort and was consistant and I was able to retire from my full-time job. And for the last 10 years able to receive over 120 consective months of receiving a check with a comma in it. Thank you Judy! <3Bart thanks for sharing how "A Change In the Market Place" from a traditional job can hit hard. Residual income and receiving a monthly check like clock work is great.
Linda Zyla
Jordan - When you have a "Mobile Business" you can live anywhere!
Linda Zyla
Laurie Delk: I have been on 14 trips this year! This is what this business provides me and my family. Especially being able to bring my kids with me!
Linda Zyla
Great points Geri -- have time for YOURSELFPoints from the panelists:Take Care of your business, so if you need to your business will take care of YOU! Thanks Phoebe<3Real Estate is local, but network marketing is GLOBAL - great point Gayle Zientek <3
Linda Zyla
Jules Price able to take control over what she would make. Always equate the hourly wage with how much that purse cost. Being able to equate and leverage Network Marketing having built something where the money comes in month after month. Smart Business Decision! Attended John Maxwell Leader Network Marketing Event we are all creating residual income. You are all going to get 5 years older anyway - do something that you are passionate about! <3
Linda Zyla
No one grows up thinking the will be a Network Marketing. Notre Dame University graduate, miserable in the corporate world, spending 70% days on the road, boss owned her life. Started part-time, took me 5 years to get to checks with a comma. The best part, is I am a better person today than I was 9 years ago.! Just got back from Egypt and swim in the Red Sea. Got back to port and literally one of my Team Members texted me about a promotion. Now I can travel the world and build my business! Thanks Callie Teagarden <3
Linda Zyla
Darla DiGrandi grew up with a divorced Mom in daycare. It resinated with me, I learned leverage. Don't work for the boss...be the boss. Had no life, I was owned by my company and my employees. The crash came, and it made me open my eyes and try network marketing. Became successful which enabled me to have the freedom to travel the country in an RV with my family for a year and spend time with my dying sister. Thank you Darla <3
Linda Zyla
April Beck - Was in the corporate world and once my daughter was born, I was able to stay home with her. However, I still had that drive. Then I met Network Marketing, and it resinated with me and I was able to be with my daughter and still build the business. Love the time freedom and earn checks with a comma. So you can be a great Mom
Linda Zyla
Melissa Barlock - said "We get to live our life with a purpose!" I climbed the corporate ladder, then I got married and had my kids. I was going to go back to work - I would never be a stay home Mom. So I stayed home. But part of my identity was missing. Network Marketing fell in my lap and I could do it pockets of time with my kids who were 1 and 3 at the time!
Linda Zyla
I did something every single day, and stay consistant and you will have that long term successs! Thank you Melissa Barlock!