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Tapping for Writers with Karen Lovett - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Muncy
Can I get the presentation material emailed to me for future reference?
Jenn Baxter
I am a very empathic person and tend to pick up other people's emotions and energy very easily. And I use tapping all the time to "clear it out"! :)
carolyn thompson
When I did the positive affirmation tapping each sequence I felt more and more energy and that I could do what I was blocked on. When I did the "Even though..." I felt anxious. Can I do just the positive?
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Hello My Book with Balboa press is a needle less technique I formed callec Crystal Point Technique I'm a Oriental Medical Doctor and a NLP practitioner . Nice to meet you
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
I also use tapping
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
I built my CPT on the energy balance of points and tapping even touching with thoughts and essential oils of the bible.
Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu
Why would you like to do the opposite one, shutting down the energy?
Greg Smith
One of the first sales techniques I ever learned for overcoming objections is the "feel, felt, found" statement. I understand how you "feel", many people have told me they "felt" the same way, but they "found" after doing this..... It seems to me that this is an affirmation of how you "feel", telling yourself that it is ok you have "felt" this way, but opening yourself up to "finding" another way to direct your energy - recognizing triggers and initiating a mechanism for changing reactions to a trigger
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Would one use Lavender essential oil ?for Nureological aniexty
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
along with tapping
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Cody Here. Blessings
Jenn Baxter
If anyone is in the Charlotte area, I can refer you to a great practitioner! :)
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Cody Count me in for Tapping for writers group/circle
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Rhank you Karen and Cathy.
Cody Flying Eagle Templeton
Thank you
carolyn thompson
I'd be in terested in a group Tapping for Writers too
Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu
me 2