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Biodynamics Movement Visioning Kick-Off - Shared screen with speaker view
Ted Lemon
Are the international bd and/or anthroposophic communities engaged in a similar process?
Dorothy Hinkle-Uhlig
I am working with Yggdrasil Land Foundation. The questions of land access and land ownership is important. In which focus group would you place this challenge
Hello Everyone, We are super excited to be participants… White Leaf Provisions- Meghan Rowe
Daphnery Amory
a question I am holding is “what is unique about Biodynamics here in North America, and what do we bring forward - specific to the continent, that is relevant globally’
Paul Dolan
Joseph - can you say more about what a vivid picture means to you, what it looks like, how it might be used and what comes after a vivid picture.
Hugh Courtney
Hugh Courtney here, in 1983 I attended a visioning session on the 50th anniversary of the BDF & G Assoc of North America. All the then board members plus a few outsiders which included myself. No one from that gathering is still here on this earth except for me as I can best remember. The vision did not include any emphasis on the biodynamic preparations, it also rejected the idea of moving the organization to a membership organization, and chose to retain only the BDA board as the only voters in the organization. Regionizalation was also on the table. My own contribution was that we not be afraid of the spiritual aspect of this form of agriculture.
Corinne Shindelar
The work here really excites me as someone on the “edge” if you will. My hope is that the inclusion will engage more of those on the “edge” to understand how best to grow the movement as there is so much desire to by many to be part of the solution to the challenges we face in protecting and loving our earth. My question is how would you like us to submit our nominations?
Jim Embry
i am a BD newbie..and appreciate being invited to this call. I have several comments/observations and questions that i think would be best delivered in writing which i will do in a few days.
Clay Wesson
Thank you